3-6pm ET today Kevin Failure from Pink Reason is bringing two crates of amazing Eastern Bloc/Soviet-era psych/punk, experimental weirdness to the program, which he originally graced us with in 2008. Hope ye can tune in:


One of my favorite DJ's just dropped a track from the Glacial23 12" on Savage Quality, of which we still have copies available. You may remember the 12" also got love from The Black Madonna who dropped it in her Dekmantel mix last year. Give this mix by Sassmouth a listen and check out her label God Particle.

Thanks to all the bad ass midwest DJ's who show their support!

-Kevin Failure

The American Jobs get some local love from 614 Magazine in this month's music issue. Read the article, and buy their album on Savage Quality.

The Black Madonna plays some Glacial23 on this excellent mix - check it out and pick up his vinyl debut on Savage Quality from us direct!

Listen in to hear DJ Dan Selzer play some Glacial23 on the legendary Beats In Space on WNYU radio.
Savage Quality is a new high quality label run by Pink Reason mastermind Kevin De Broux. His latest release is a LP by one-man-band The Floor Above from Nashville, Tennessee. The recordings capture the unpolished roughness of early 80s hardcore. You get twenty short and frantic hardcore ragers that combine clean but noisy guitars, relentlessly fast hammering drums and low deadpan vocals. The extreme lo-fi production makes the record sound like it's a vinyl reissue of a lost cassette recorded during the golden age of hardcore. "Bishop" is a primitive hardcore assault of short one and a half minute blasts built with a sloppy no frills attitude. Think members of The Fix and The Necros rehearsing with the equipment of Cheetah Chrome Motheruckers. The best hardcore record in 2013! 

Ride a Dove